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 ====== Remembrance Day 2018 ====== ====== Remembrance Day 2018 ======
 **We Will Remember Them** **We Will Remember Them**
-<box 440px center| >+Although the Covid-19 restrictions prevented us holding our usual Remembrance Day service, we are grateful to James Bennett who as usual sounded the Last Post, at a small with wreath laying ceremony. Many Shepton residents who were not allowed to be present stood at their front doors to observe a two minute silence, we will remember them.  Pictures below show how our memorial tree has grown in the two years when compared to the pictures in the video which was taken in 2018.  
 +<box 440px center|{{:​events:​37d5c272-0e0e-4558-bc95-5528f790ba82_1_.jpg?​400|}}> 
 +{{ :​events:​img_1455.jpg?​400|}} 
 {{youtube>​large:​VZ9CPnICiYA}} {{youtube>​large:​VZ9CPnICiYA}}
 </​box>​ </​box>​
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