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 +====== Pre-School Nativity Play ====== 
 +DVD Available @£5 - Order from Shelly\\  
 +{{:​events:​p1070724_fs.jpg|}} {{:​events:​p1070774_fs.jpg|}} 
 +{{:​events:​p1070747_fs.jpg|}} {{:​events:​p1070738_fs.jpg|}} 
 +Proud parents and Grandparents watched the young children of Shepton Beauchamp Pre-School perform the Nativity on Monday 14th December in the Village Hall. This was followed by a visit to the church with the children'​s christmas tree decorations. ​ While everyone was enjoying a cup of tea Father Christmas put in a visit with presents for all the children. More Photos [[http://​​doku.php?​id=home:​photo2009|Photo Gallery]]
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