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 +====== Parents try out School'​s new ICT equipment ======
 +[[content:​2008schoolitc|Photo Gallery - Wednesday 16th January 2008]]
 +Shepton School teachers and governors welcomed parents and some of the sponsors of the new ICT equipment on Wednesday 16th January to see the new machines and to say thank you for their support. ​
 +On behalf of the governors Dan Mason thanked all the sponsors for their support and particularly the efforts of the organisers who involved to local businesses in the appeal.
 +The children were all enthusiastic about their new laptops and keen to show their parents just what they were able to do, Goggle Earth proved to be popular with children and parents alike.
 +The response of business and individual alike again illustrates the whole village'​s commitment to our school and a determination to ensure we retain primary education within the village.
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