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 +====== Lethbridge Draw Results May - June ======
 +|May 2012 |Jackpot |1st  |2nd|
 +|29 April| |8 Barbara Allen|2 Anne Hill|
 +|06 May| |34 Mrs C A Acres|77 Heather Horgan|
 +|13 May| |9 Ron Hastings|2 Anne Hill|
 +|20 May|34 Mrs C A Acres|31 Dave Cable|45 Mrs E Stoker|
 +|27 May| 7 Robert Rowswell|47 Kim Fowler|46 K Rawlins|
 +|03 June| |42 Dee Male|13 Bob Thompson|
 +|10 June| |81 Dorothy White|2 Anne Hill|
 +|17 June| |7 Robert Rowswell|25 Joe Leach|
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