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 +====== Help for Heroes - A Fantastic Result ======
 +{{:​events:​p1080294_fs_fs.jpg|CPO Steve Rock}}{{:​events:​p1080323_fs_fs.jpg|Jesse Joe & Malcolm with Welsh Rugby Shirt}}
 +**Present Total Stands at <​del>​£7,​800</​del>​ <​del>​£8,​100</​del>​ £<​del>​8300</​del>​ £8,400**
 +It was standing room only at The Duke of York on Saturday 27th March for the Help for Heroes Race Night and Auction of Pledges. ​ Malcolm and Joe were certainly not disappointed with the amount of people squashed into every room.
 +The evening commenced with a moving, if somewhat horrific description by Steve Rock of his personal experiences and some of the sights and smells he had to endure while serving in Afghanistan.
 +In three sessions, Jesse Pattisson, auctioneer for the night worked hard in extremely cramped conditions cajoling bid after bid for items all of which had been donated. ​ All the profits from the Tote plus an enormous Raffle will go to the Help for Heroes charity. ​ [[2010photos:​helpforheroes|More Photos]] ​
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