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 +====== Help For Heroes ======
 +[[http://​​|{{:​events:​logo_help.gif |}}]]
 +**Help for Heroes** raises money to support members of the Armed Forces who have been wounded in the service of their country.
 +**Race Night, Auction of Pledges and Raffle** to raise money for this charity.
 +**Duke of York  - Saturday 27th March 2010 - 7pm Onwards**
 +If you can't make it on the night but wish to make a donation please ring either **Malcolm Brown** 07979476512 or **Joe Leach** 07941403209 who will be happy to arrange collection.
 +[[:​charityfundraisers|Auction of Pledges - Click to see the list - Do you have something you are prepared to add?]]
 +**On the same day the Duke of York - Help for Heroes Breakfast 9am-11am £6 per person.**
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