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 +====== Dry St Petroc Celebrations (Well almost) ======
 +Just a single shower in the afternoon did not put a damper on the Church Fete which was held in the Village Hall and by kind permission of Mr Dennis as usual we used the adjoining grass area.  Country Dancing by school children, a dog show and the usual village fete stalls all contributed to and excellent village afternoon. ​ This year instead of throwing Teddy Bears from the top of the tower "​floaters"​ were made and thrown but these did not prove a successful as Teddy Bears used in previous years.
 +Following the Fete it was all hands to moving tables and chairs to the Shambles ready for the evening event starting at 6pm. Just in case the weather lived up to previous years most tables were sheltered under gazebos (looked rather strange at midnight when the gazebos were being marched home aloft, each carried by four people, one at each corner.
 +Following the children'​s country dancing in the afternoon they were equally as good at the Line dancing. The evening opened with a Jazz Band, followed by Line Dancing then a live band.
 +To bring the celebrations to a close about 50 Chinese hot air lanterns were lit and floated off narrowly missing the tower, last seen heading in the direction of Kingsbury. ​ A short but spectacular firework display ended the evening.
 +Our thanks to the Parish Plan Events Team who organised the evening and on behalf of the Events Team a big thank you to everyone in the village who regularly support community events.  ​
 +As a point of interest I would estimate that 60-70% of our inhabitants were actually present any village would be proud of a turn out like that and yes we did raise some funds for the church just over £1500 but the main object of the day is to have a community event where we all enjoy ourselves together, as such this was a very successful day.            ​
 +[[photos:​2009petroc|Short Video and Photo Gallery]]
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