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 ====== Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 2nd August 2020 ====== ====== Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 2nd August 2020 ======
- +^4 Weeks ending 2nd August 2020 ^** 
 +Jackpot** ^1st  ^2nd^ 
 +|12 JUl| |21 Angie Joy|35 Sharon Humphries 
 +|19 Jul| |53 Paul Rowlands|63 Shirley Brister| 
 +|26 JUl|**22 Pete Morris**|62 Roger Cripps|31 Dave Cable| 
 +|02 Aug| |2 Anne Hill|63 Shirley Brister|
 {{tag>}} {{tag>}}
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