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 Jackpot** ^1st  ^2nd^ Jackpot** ^1st  ^2nd^
 |24 May| |63 Shirley Brister|13 Robert Thompson| |24 May| |63 Shirley Brister|13 Robert Thompson|
-|31 May|**82 Innis Finlay**|10 ​Alac Grant|56 Muriel Callow|+|31 May|**82 Innis Finlay**|10 ​Alec Grant|56 Muriel Callow|
 |07 June| |81 Dorothy White|26 Nick Gibbons| |07 June| |81 Dorothy White|26 Nick Gibbons|
 |14 June| |63 Shirley Brister|56 Muriel Callow| |14 June| |63 Shirley Brister|56 Muriel Callow|
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