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 +====== Cowleaze Project - Presentation ======
 +{{:​events:​cowleaze_mark_fs.jpg |Photo Courtesy of View from Ilminster}}
 + ​Cowleaze Project received a grant of £250 from Wessex Water Watermark charity. This was presented by Matthew Cornelius from Wessex Water. ​
 +Matthew'​s grandparents Basil & Marie lived in the village, and he has fond memories of his stays in Shepton at Cornash as a boy.
 +Also present Paull Robathan District Councilor together with some young supporters, children from our village school together with representatives from the Cowleaze Project group Mary Clarke, Debbie Welch and Roger Cripps.
 +[[cowleaze:​home#​wildlife_watch|Wildlife Watch]]
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