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 +====== Cheque Presentation - Help for Heroes ======
 +{{:​events:​p1080341_fs.jpg |Paul, Haley, Malcolm, Richard Lupton, Joe, Glenda, Jesse}}Wednesday 7th April saw the culmination of many months of work with the presentation of a cheque for £8,400 to Richard Lupton County Co-ordinator Somerset for Help for Heroes. ​ Malcolm thanked all his fellow helpers for all their efforts, Paul for hosting the event at The Duke of York and particularly all the people who had donated pledges, raffle prizes and donations, not forgetting everyone who had bid and bought items on the night. ​ In accepting the cheque on behalf of our wounded service personnel Richard said "what a remarkable effort for a small village and how grateful the charity was to receive such a sum which would help in continuing their work"​. ​ [[video:​home#​help_for_heroes_-_presentation_of_cheque_april_2010|Short Video]] ​
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