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 +====== Jo & Blue Celebrate 10 Years in Shepton ======
 +[[businesses:​postoffice:​celebration:​home|Photo Gallery]]\\ ​
 +To celebrate their first 10 years at Shepton Stores & Post Office Jo & Blue Walshe invited their customers to a party at the Village Hall, well over 200 people turned out to congratulate them and to show their support for the [[businesses:​sheptonstores|village shop]].  ​
 +Parish Council Chairman Andrew Humpheys on behalf of everyone present and the village in general, thanked Jo & Blue not only for the party, but for their cheerful helpfulness to everyone in Shepton.  ​
 +The Post Office and shop are an essential part of our village community, without a shop where would we be able to get the pint of milk or a loaf of bread without having to travel at least 4 miles to the supermarket.  ​
 +The shop in turn relies on an income from the Post Office, many local villages have lost their Post Offices - Barrington, Seavington, ​ Kingsbury and with the loss of their Post Office, their village shops have also been lost.  [[businesses:​keep_your_village_post_office]]
 +At the present time both our Post Office and also the shop are well supported, to maintain our village community we need to continue to use these facilities unless we too want Shepton to become a dormitory village.  ​
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