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 +====== BBC Somerset Visit Shepton School ======
 +[[content:​2008ssound|Photo Gallery - Thursday 10th January 2008]]
 +{{events:​p1020328-es.jpg | }}
 +Today Jo Phillips "​Morning Jo" programme was transmitted live from the BBC Somerset Bus parked outside the school. ​ During the morning Jo and Emma interviewed a few of our local characters including some of the school children.  ​
 +By the end of the program Jo, (an ardent supporter of anything Somerset) had decided that she too would like to live in Shepton.  ​
 +Shepton school has recently installed new ITC equipment including laptops and Interactive White boards, all funded by the local community and businesses.  ​
 +One part of what makes Shepton "A very special village"​ is its C of E First School, the whole community is determined to ensure that primary education remains in the village and has shown in the provision of this new ITC equipment its commitment to ongoing support.
 +  *[[content:​childrensreports|The childrens memories in their own words]]
 +The radio broadcast can be heard on on the BBC web site [[http://​​somerset/​|BBC Somerset Listen again]] ​
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