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 +====== Anti social behaviour at the Rec Jan 2011 ======
 +A serious and possibly dangerious incident of antisocial behaviour occurred at the recreation field on the evening of Friday 21st of January (I think). Youths from the surrounding area were reported to be drinking (underage), rowdy and spreading broken glass in the field. ​
 +The Police were at the site within 10 minutes of receiving the call, and dealt with it by rounding up offenders,​(whose parents will receive a letter) and removing debris. ​
 +This action is appreciated by all residents, but only works when people report incidents when they are first aware of them, so that action can be taken.
 +Remember use 999 only when danger to life and limb, but other reports to 0845 456 7000.  Thanks to the Police for their prompt action, and the commitment to regular patrols in this area in future. ​ **Mary Neighbourhood Watch**
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