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 +====== An Ode to Ian ======
 +<box right red>
 +Ian driving home one night,\\
 +Thought he saw a heavenly light,
 +Into the verge he pulled his car,\\
 +To study this light that shone from afar,
 +He stood there gazing at those stars,\\
 +And thought those buggers are from Mars,
 +Back in his car he quickly leapt,\\
 +And down the road with Jag he swept,
 +He rushed indoors and said to Norm\\
 +"The martians are here" in quite a storm,
 +Outside he went to see the lights,\\
 +But they had disappeared into the night,
 +Was it Mars, Venus or old Saturn,\\
 +No old son twas Nigel'​s step son's little lanterns,
 +Take care the things you do at night,\\
 +It can give some folk a nasty fright!!!
 +**Anon ??**
 +The following work of literature was received by Ian following a "Close Encounter"​. ​  So that we can give due recognition to the author of this masterpiece would he/she please come forward.
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