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 +====== 2009 Showtimers are the Top of the Bill for laughs ====== 
 +{{ :​events:​nuns1_fs.jpg|Shepton'​s Own Nuns?}} {{:​events:​p1040679_fs.jpg|Pat & Sandra Gossip}}\\  
 +Once again the Shepton Showtimers came up trumps with their 2009 review. ​ Performers ages ranged from a nine year old who attends Shepton School to Eddie who is a very young sprightly 94 year old.  On the opening night Friday 27th March there was not much room to spare and Saturday night is sold out, some of the would be audience queued at the door waiting for ticket returns. ​ More photos will follow.\\  
 +A Souvenir DVD will be on sale shortly at £5 with proceeds going to village charities. ​ DVDs can be ordered at the Post Office ​ [[extras:​2009_Showtimers]]
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