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 +====== The Blind Man and the Elephant ======
 +American poet John G Saxe (1816-87), based this poem on a fable that was told in India many years ago. It is a good warning about how we can be misled into thinking that we have the right and proper answers (and everyone else is wrong ?!) The reality may be that we only hold a small part of a huge puzzle and we need to see everyone else’s pieces before we can see the “big picture”. ​  ​Remember,​ the six men are blind and have never seen an elephant:
 +1) \\ 
 +It was six men of Indostan \\
 +to learning much inclined, \\
 +who went to see the Elephant \\
 +(though all of them were blind), \\   
 +that each by observation \\    ​
 +might satisfy his mind. \\
 +2) \\
 +The First approached the Elephant, \\    ​
 +and happening to fall \\
 +against his broad and sturdy side,    ​
 +at once began to bawl: \\    ​
 +"God bless me! but the Elephant ​   ​
 +is very like a wall!" \\
 +3) \\
 +The Second, feeling of the tusk, \\    ​
 +cried, "Ho! what have we here \\   
 +so very round and smooth and sharp? \\    ​
 +to me 'tis mighty clear \\   
 +this wonder of an Elephant \\    ​
 +is very like a spear!"​ \\
 +4) \\
 +The Third approached the animal, \\    ​
 +and happening to take \\
 +the squirming trunk within his hands, \\   
 +thus boldly up and spake: \\   
 +"I see," quoth he, "the Elephant \\    ​
 +is very like a snake!"​ \\
 +5) \\
 +The Fourth reached out an eager hand, \\    ​
 +and felt about the knee. \\   
 +"what most this wondrous beast is like \\    ​
 +is mighty plain,"​ quoth he; \\   
 +" 'tis clear enough the Elephant \\    ​
 +is very like a tree!" \\
 +6) \\
 +The Fifth, who chanced to touch the ear \\    ​
 +said: "​E'​en the blindest man \\   
 +can tell what this resembles most; \\    ​
 +deny the fact who can \\   
 +this marvel of an Elephant \\    ​
 +is very like a fan!" \\
 +7) \\
 +The Sixth no sooner had begun \\   
 +about the beast to grope, \\   
 +than, seizing on the swinging tail \\    ​
 +that fell within his scope, \\   
 +"I see," quoth he, "the Elephant \\    ​
 +is very like a rope!" \\
 +8) \\
 +And so these men of Indostan \\    ​
 +disputed loud and long, \\    ​
 +each in his own opinion \\ 
 +exceeding stiff and strong, \\   
 +though each was partly in the right, \\    ​
 +and all were in the wrong! \\
 +**Moral:​** ​  So oft in theologic wars, \\   
 +the disputants, I ween, \\     
 +rail on in utter ignorance \\    ​
 +of what each other mean, \\
 +and prate about an Elephant \\     
 +not one of them has seen!
 +===== Standing or Kneeling when receiving Communion ​ =====
 +**by Fr Geoff** \\
 +I have been asked to clarify the situation about whether one should stand or kneel to receive Communion. ​  At the Last Supper, the Disciples reclined at table and thus received the very first “Communion” in this relaxed and “laid back” position: many of the “Free Churches” (those formed during and after the Reformation) still imitate this stance by standing in a circle/​semi-circle around the “Table” or remaining in their seats with the Communion Cup and Plate being passed along from one to the other. ​  
 +The C of E has long had the custom to kneel in front of the altar to receive Communion, as an outward sign of respect and an aid to inward humility, for this sacrament. ​  
 +However it is “respect and humility” which are important and not the outward signs of them; we should feel humble that we have been called to receive and we should be respectful of both the occasion and the sacrifice which led to it.   ​Therefore you can kneel for Communion, if this helps to put you in the proper frame of mind.   
 +If however (like me) your knees don’t like to bend as they used too, then standing at the altar rail, head slightly bowed, is perfectly acceptable. ​  In both cases the important point is your frame of mind ….. to be humble in the saving presence of the Body and Blood of Our Lord, and respectful of the sacrifice that He made to redeem us all. 
 +===== Thefts from Churches =====
 +Thieves have now struck at Ilminster and Tatworth, stealing metal of any kind.  THIS IS A VERY REAL THREAT, ​ please keep an eye on our little churches ​ if you see anyone “working” on the building they are probably stealing …  call the Police (999). \\                                                                 There is no work being done on any of our churches in September. \\                                                                                                 ​Please be extra vigilant around our churches.
 +===== From the Church Register =====
 +19th July:   Poppy Rose Manley, baptized at Shepton Beauchamp
 +===== Trivia Questions & Answers =====
 +A collection of trivia questions asked by media personalities together with answers given by their quiz show contestants! \\
 +Jamie Theakston: ​ Where do  you think Cambridge University is? \\ 
 +Contestant: Geography isn't my strong point. \\ 
 +Theakston: There'​s a clue in the  title. \\ 
 +Contestant: Leicester. \\
 +**BBC   ​NORFOLK** \\
 +Stewart White: Who had a worldwide hit with What A Wonderful World? \\ 
 +Contestant: I don't know. \\ 
 +White: I'll give you some clues: what do you call the part between your hand and your elbow? \\ 
 +Contestant: Arm. \\ 
 +White: Correct. ​ And if you're not weak, you'​re...?​ \\ 
 +Contestant: Strong. \\   
 +White: ​ Correct - and what was Lord Mountbatten'​s first name? \\ 
 +Contestant: ​ Louis. \\ 
 +White: Well, there we are then. So who had a worldwide hit with the song  What A Wonderful World? \\ 
 +Contestant: Frank Sinatra?
 +Alex Trelinski: What is the capital of Italy? \\ 
 +Contestant: ​ France. \\ 
 +Trelinski: ​  ​France is another country. Try again. \\ 
 +Contestant: Oh, um, Benidorm. \\ 
 +Trelinski: Wrong, sorry, let's try another question. In which country is the Parthenon? \\ 
 +Contestant: ​ Sorry, I don't know. \\   
 +Trelinski: Just guess a country then. \\ 
 +Contestant: Paris. ​
 +**THE WEAKEST LINK   ​(BBC2)** \\ 
 +Anne Robinson: ​  Oscar Wilde, Adolf Hitler and Jeffrey Archer have all written books about their experiences in what: Prison, or the Conservative Party? \\  ​
 +Contestant: The Conservative Party.
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