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 +====== Glory to God, Amen, Biscuit. ======
 +**By Rev'd Chloe Kingdon, Curate**\\ ​
 +My three year old son treated me to a re-enactment one morning as I was preparing breakfast. ​ He hurtled into the kitchen on his ride-on and announced ‘I am going to church’. ​ He took a hymn book from the piano and sat himself at the kitchen table. ​ After opening the hymn book, there was a rather raucous rendition of ‘Glory, glory, glory to God’. ​ He then slammed the hymn book shut with a triumphant ‘Amen’. ​ After such exertion, he leaned back on his chair and said ‘Right, that’s that done…. biscuit?’
 +We laugh at the things young children say and do, and wish those moments could be preserved for ever.  Glory to God, Amen, biscuit. ​ These are perhaps three of the most crucial elements of our Church services. ​ We go to give praise, and thanksgiving to God for all that has happened during the past week, and all that is to happen in the coming week, singing hymns of glory, and offering these to the Lord.  We utter the word amen, as confirmation of all that is said.  A fixed affirmation and united ‘so be it’ as the root of our worship.  ​
 +Finally, fellowship; time to meet together with our church family over a cup of tea.  Seldom do you find a more eclectic group of people united in one accord than at a church service. ​ Here is a time for congratulations or commiserations. ​ A time for support, for much needed laughter and encouragement. ​ A time sometimes for consolation,​ a quick tear, and the comfort, of receiving another’s prayer, and their empathy. ​  
 +So remember on those dreary Sunday mornings, when you hear a voice saying, ‘Why? ​ I can’t be bothered. ​ Shall I have a Sunday off?​’  ​
 +Glory to God, Amen, Biscuit. ​
 +===== From the Church Registers =====
 +|21st July|Oliver Byles & Anna Corbett|Holy Matrimony|Cudworth|
 +|27th July|Jim Patten, 80 years|Funeral service and burial|Cudworth|
 +|4th August|Alexander Coombes|Holy Baptism|Dowlish Wake|
 +|11th August|Tyler Curtis|Holy Baptism|Shepton Beauchamp|
 +|13th August|Diana Osborne, 79 years|Funeral service and burial|Barrington|
 +|15th August|Sally Quick|Thanksgiving service for her life|Dowlish Wake|
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