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 +====== BBC Thought for the Day by Claire Campbell Smith ======
 +17 September is the feast day of a truly remarkable woman. Hildegard of Bingen was a 12th century abbess who produced major volumes of theological and visionary writings at a time when there were few women authors. She wrote treatises on natural history and the medicinal uses of plants, trees, animals, even stones. ​
 +She composed hauntingly beautiful music, performed by the nuns in her abbey - soaring plainsong astonishing for its vibrancy. Almost 80 of her compositions survive, one of the largest repertoires of any medieval composer, and she is in fact the first composer whose biography is known.
 +She advised popes and emperors, and travelled widely on preaching tours, the only woman to have done so in her time. Hildegard'​s story speaks of someone who overcame social, cultural and gender barriers, and whose philosophy was that humanity is the peak of God's creation, and a mirror through which the splendour of that creation is reflected.
 +Yet she wasn't always brimming with confidence. Before she began to write down her visions, she was plagued by self-doubt and low opinions of herself, not helped by what she called 'the diverse sayings of men'.
 +In the gospels, some of the most powerful encounters take place between Jesus and women. He gave to those who had no rights or status the kind of respect that sent waves of disapproval rippling through the religious community of the day.
 +Take the story of the woman who slid into the Pharisee'​s house where Jesus was enjoying a sumptuous dinner, and bathed his feet in expensive perfume. She was even more an object of disdain, being known to have led a '​sinful life'. Yet Jesus exalted her as an example of a true worshipper. She went away changed; the guests still hid behind their masks of self-righteousness.
 +God of surprises, you speak to us through unexpected people. Forgive ​ us when we look down on others, blind to your image in them. **Amen.**
 +===== Thefts from Churches =====
 +**THIS REMAINS A VERY REAL THREAT**, ​ if you see anyone “working” on the building they are probably stealing call the police (999)                                                                                                                                  Please be extra vigilant around our little churches.
 +There is no work being done on any of our churches in October.
 +===== From the Church Register =====
 +19th September ​  Reg Arlidge – funeral and celebration of his life.\\ ​
 +20th September ​  Megan Rowswell – baptised.\\ ​
 +20th September ​  Kim Fowler and Sarah Tevendale – entered into Holy Matrimony.\\ ​
 +===== Neighbourhood Watch  =====
 +Our local Community Support Officers report that there has been a sudden and dramatic rise in the number of thefts of fuel from cars and vans parked in the villages. ​  Added to this has been a smaller number of thefts from household oil tanks, some quite blatant, where thieves have arrived in an oil tanker and unloaded fuel from household tanks into the tanker. ​  ​Please do keep an eye open and report anything suspicious. [[neighbourwatch:​home|More on Shepton Neigbourhood Watch]]
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