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Remembrance Day

Rev’d Geoff Wade
For nearly a year now, I have been Chaplain to the Somerset Branch of SSAFA, an organization which very quietly goes about its business without any fuss or fanfare …. This year I am very pleased to say that the Remembrance Service collections from many of our parishes will be donated to them. What is SSAFA? The following is from one of their press releases.

“Another Remembrance Sunday approaches and the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq continue to demonstrate to us - on a daily basis – the need for us to care for the sailors, soldiers and airmen who are serving us and our country.” It is particularly important for us in the Eight Parishes, as there are a number of men and women from our villages who are serving in these dangerous theatres.

“The lives of many of those who return , having sustained physical injury, emotional trauma or both, may be altered forever ….. and so too the lives of their families.”

SSAFA – the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association Forces Help – “is committed to helping those who serve in our Armed Forces, those who used to serve, reservists, National Servicemen and the families of these people. We provide a reliable, caring service to mo0re than 50,000 people each year.”

“Our network of 7,000 volunteers provides practical and financial assistance, emotional support and a wide range of services to ensure that SSAFA Forces Help makes a real difference whenever anybody turns to us for help.”

For more information – to volunteer – to make donations – SSAFA Somerset: 01984 624564 or or the national website

Reading the Bible Daily

For anyone who is interested in spending a few minutes each day reading from the Bible, I have been given a couple of booklets published by the “Bible Reading Fellowship” which might interest you.

They contain – for each day - a passage from Scripture, a reflection on it and a prayer …. this is everything you need in one pocket size pamphlet, so it’s really easy and straightforward (which is why I like it!). Each booklet covers a four month period and costs about £4.

If anyone is interested in trying this, I have a small number of free back-copies which I could lend out, to see how it works and suits. After that I have a volunteer who would co-ordinate ordering new editions and if it was wanted, it might even be possible to set up times to meet and talk. Interested in trying this out – just let me know. Fr. Geoff

Loved & Lost

A quiet service, to remember those we love but see no more.

Open to all parishes

Shepton Church Sunday 09th November at 5.00 – 5.30pm

If you would like the name of your loved one read out during the service, please put their name on the list in Shepton Post Office or send it to the Vicar.

From the Church Registers for October

6th October Dennis “the Bread” Welch – funeral service at Taunton Crematorium. Thanksgiving service is expected to be at Barrington Church in the middle of November.

From the Neighbourhood Watch Organistion

Our local Community Support Officers report that there has been a sudden and dramatic rise in the number of thefts of fuel from cars and vans parked in the villages. Added to this has been a smaller number of thefts from household oil tanks, some quite blatant, where thieves have arrived in an oil tanker and unloaded fuel from household tanks into the tanker. Please do keep an eye open and report anything suspicious.

Thefts from Churches- A Very Real Threat

If you see anyone “working” on the building they are probably stealing … call the Police (999. Please be extra vigilant around our little churches. There is no work being done on any of our churches in November.

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