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 +==== Loved and Lost ====
 +14th November - Remembrance Sunday - reminds us of the victims of war and violence, in a ceremony that originates in the 1920's after the horrendous bloodshed of the Great War, but has found renewed meaning to many people as casualties continue (military and civilian) in war-torn lands. ​  It has become the custom of our Eight Parishes to commemorate these victims in the morning services and then, in the evening, we gather at Shepton Church to remember our own dead – those whom we love but are separated from, by the curtain of death. ​  This is a simple, quiet service; no frills or great ceremony; we meet simply to keep the faith with our loved ones, to give thanks for their enduring love, and to seek comfort from our grief in our belief in life-everlasting and the joys of Heaven.
 +==== Cudworth Church Bells ====
 +As many of you know, the two historic bells from Cudworth Church, which had been removed for refurbishment by a company in Bridport, where stolen and have probably been melted down for scrap. ​ I would like to thank the many people who have written, e'​mailed,​ '​phoned and spoken about this terrrible theft and who have offered their prayers and support to that village. ​  Plans are now in hand to replace the bells, with ones made in the same style as the lost bells, and cast specifically for Cudworth Church.
 +==== A Message from Rev'd Andrew Rawding RN ====
 +Chaplain to 40 Commando Royal Marines\\ ​
 +Dear all,​\\ ​
 +A final message of thanks for your support and prayers over the last 6/7 months. ​ Half of 40 Commando Royal Marines have now returned to UK.  The remainder are in Camp Bastion, completing final administration and waiting for flights home.
 +I am currently located in Cyprus. ​ I'm on duty here for a couple of weeks covering '​decompression'​ for the Royal Marines and Army units as they transit through on their back from Afghanistan. ​ The 24 hour '​decompression'​ package includes time on the beach (variety of watersports),​ a BBQ, entertainment from a comedian and a band, and a 5 can ration of beer (or a bottle of wine). ​ I deliver one of the mandatory '​Coming Home' briefs, alongside the psychiatric nurse.
 +Although we are all enormously relieved to have finished our
 +deployment in Afghanistan,​ we are all conscious that hanging over us are the deaths, and the injuries sustained by our comrades. ​ Before the deployment I talked with the marines about the 3Gs: Grief, Guilt and Grievance. ​ I also talked about the 3Fs: Faith, Family & Friends, and Forgiveness.
 +I would value your ongoing prayers for us all as we come to terms with what we have experienced over the last 6/7 months. ​ I am enormously confident in the unconditional love, grace and forgiveness of God.  I am less confident in my ability, or the ability of the churches, to provide legible sign posts, and accompany our armed forces on their journey of healing and reconciliation with themselves, their memories and experiences,​ and the world.
 +Our time in Afghanistan has been a dehumanising experience for many.   We have not been able to take time out to recover emotionally,​ and fear, combined with exposure to, and participation in violence has created '​enemies'​. ​ Finding outlets for their anger and frustration will be an aim for the marines. ​ The pursuit of adrenaline to regain the highs of combat and the '​normality'​ of being on edge will also feature in post-deployment life.
 +Please pray that over the next weeks, months, year, our marines and their families will be able to find green pastures, be led beside still waters, and that their souls will be restored. ​ They have walked in the valley of the shadow of death, and are now living in the shadow of their comrades'​ deaths. ​   The injured will need new hope for the future. ​ May they find light in the darkness.
 +Once again, thank you for the support, practical and spiritual, for the men and families of 40 Commando. ​ It has been really appreciated by many.  We may never see the fruit, but we can be confident that seeds of love have been sown, and nothing in all creation will prevent their growth.
 +Peace be with you all, and with all those suffering through war and conflict. ​  All the best, **Andrew (Revd A Rawding RN, Padre). **
 +==== From the Church Registers ====
 +|27th September|Mrs M E Chapman of Ludney, in the 100th year of her age cremation followed by a Thanksgiving service and interment at Kingstone|
 +|8th October|Connor Leon Hart, who died soon after being born; laid to rest at Chillington;​ “suffer little children to come unto me, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”|
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