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 +====== Nov 2009 - Loved and Lost ======
 +==== Loved and Lost ====
 +**Loved and Lost – a personal service of remembrance:​** ​  Each year we hold a service for all the parishes, hosted by Shepton Beauchamp, where we remember those whom we have loved and lost; our loved ones separated from us by the curtain of death. ​   It is a quiet service with prayer, readings and times of silence, to remember the love we have been given, to “keep the faith” with those who have gone before us, to keep the light of their love burning strongly in our hearts.
 +The names of the departed can be read out during the service – there are lists in the Post Office and Shepton Church - even if you can’t be at the service, putting a name on the list will ensure that it is read out and remembered. ​  Those present will also have the opportunity to light a candle in remembrance.
 +“Remember those who died for this country”: Those of you who have recently been to St Andrew’s Church in Dowlish Wake might have noticed a new stone standing proudly just outside the gates to the churchyard. ​  ​Strictly speaking it is not a new stone, but it is in a new position. ​  ​Closer inspection will reveal an inscription which simply reads, “Remember those who died for this country”. ​  It is not a war memorial but a remembrance stone placed strategically to remind all who see it of the many thousands of men and women, of various creeds and colours, who died in the service of, and on behalf of, this country.
 +Most churches in our country have, in or near them, memorials to those who have died in two world wars; Stocklinch has a memorial giving thanks for those who returned safely, none having died.   What we tend to forget is that since the end of WWII their has only been one year in which a British Serviceman/​woman has not been killed in action; look how many of our young people have died in Afghanistan – some may be dieing as you read this.
 +**It is for those who have no memorial that**\\ ​
 +**the Remembrance Stone stands in Dowlish Wake.**\\ ​
 +The inscription is a simple request to those of us who live on, to pause for a moment – just a moment – and to think or perhaps pray for those who have died; for those who will die today; for those who will continue to die in the future …… on our behalf. ​
 +The Remembrance Stone will be officially unveiled at a service led by Commander The Reverend Nigel Whinney on Remembrance Sunday, 8th November, starting at 10.45am.
 +==== From the Church Registers ====
 +|29th Sept|Eileen Newman|graveside funeral at Moolham Churchyard|
 +|03rd Oct|Michael Groves|Baptised at Dowlish Wake|
 +|10th Oct|Leah-Jo Godfrey Cambridge|Baptised at Shepton|
 +|19th Oct|Collin Jennings|Funeral at Shepton (ashes interred on 20th Oct)|
 +==== Our Churches are vunerable to theft and vandalism ​ ====
 +Our Churches under threat of theft and vandalism ​ This is A VERY REAL THREAT. ​  If you see anyone “working” on the building they are probably stealing… ​  call the Police on 999. Please be vigilant around our little churches. ​    
 +                ​
 +In November the following works will be undertaken:
 +|KINGSTONE Church|work to the electrical system inside the church.| ​
 +|CUDWORTH Church|works on the ground gutters around the outside of the building.|
 +|PUCKINGTON Church|Replacement boiler being fitted.|
 +|DOWLISH WAKE Church|Replacement boiler being fitted.|
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