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 +====== Very Pleased to Report ======
 +I’m very pleased to say that the annual round of church AGM’s is over – not because they’re over, of course (!), but because I can now report that all our little churches are in fine form.    ​
 +In the past twelve months fundraising has gone well: church members and supporters have worked very hard and everyone in the parishes has been very generous. ​  For the first time in many years all churches have raised just enough money to cover ongoing maintenance and bills: there isn’t a lot left over but no one is “in the red” and that’s something that we are all very grateful for.       A very big thank you, to all involved!
 +In addition to this I am able to tell you that all the churches are happy and thriving places of worship, and in many the numbers continue to grow.   The congregations offer a variety of worship styles which are respectful and “joy full” celebrations of our faith, and this joy is reflected not just in prayer and praise but in daily lives. ​    
 +I have often thought (and frequently said) that rural Christianity is alive and kicking, and thriving, though sometimes an unnoticed area of ministry; I see growth, and love, and initiative, and vibrancy, and enthusiasm, and hope, all around me.   
 +The light of the Gospel message shines brightly in our villages and the care that brings is often openly displayed when others are in need; there were a number of serious illnesses and funerals in the opening months of the year, and I was privileged to witness the wealth of support, love and care that was offered to those in need.   We are greatly blessed to live in such wonderful communities.
 +Some of you may have been contacted by a group of people offering a document titled “Reclaiming the Church”: I believe that many of them are retired clergy and laity, and they present a series of ideas and suggestions about the current workings of the C of E.   I have read their paper and I must say that I am very disappointed (and occasionally angry) at the thoughts they put forward. ​  
 +I am well aware that they are entitled to their own opinions – but so am I!   I feel very strongly that this group is expressing ideas which are out of date with current practices and they fixate on what is wrong with the church, without seeing the enormous good that is also there. ​  They seem unable to see the wonder of the Gospel in action (particularly in this area): I actually feel sorry for them!   
 +If you get the chance to have a look at their paper, please do give it careful consideration,​ it is certainly worth a look.
 +Watch out for:  ​
 +Sunday 10th May at 5.00pm
 +May Madness! Merriott Band (& Vicar!!)
 +Shepton Beauchamp ​ Your favourite hymns and songs played Merriott Band:
 +Never thought singing could be such good ol’ fashioned fun - Madness!!!
 +Sunday 31st May (a 5th Sunday)
 +Whitsun - Pentecost ​
 +Joint services for all  The Eight Parishes
 + ​10.00am Family Service & Communion with Vicar
 +10.30am Pentecost Praise with Rob Allen
 +24th May – Deanery Evensong at Broadway, 6.30pm
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