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 +====== A letter from Mrs Chloe Kingdon ======
 +Mrs Chloe Kingdon, Curate designate to our parishes:
 +//Chloe will be joining us in the middle of July this year and will be ordained at Wells Cathedral on 1st July – this service will be open to everyone.
 +“I grew up on Exmoor and from a young age was involved with my local church playing the flute and from the age of fifteen the organ, for services. ​ I ran a youth church when I was in sixth form and was fairly sure that ministry was for me, although I was not confident enough to articulate that I wanted to be a vicar. ​ After studying Music at Lancaster University I returned and took the job of Exmoor Deanery Youth Worker. ​ I taught music in several primary schools and became heavily involved in the English folk scene. ​ In 2002 Steve and I met in Dunster church; he was playing the organ and I was playing the Flute for a wedding, later we sang in the same choir, and out of that we formed the '​Kingdon Singers.'​ We married at Porlock in 2003, our first son, Joshua, followed in 2004, then Ben in 2005 and Annie in 2007.  It was at this stage with three children under 3 that I announced I wanted to be a vicar!
 +The process of selection takes about two years with many interviews and explorations of every aspect of ones character. ​ This process of discernment culminates in a three day selection panel whereby the selectors have the final '​yes'​ or '​no'​. ​ Following a '​yes'​ I extracted the family from our beloved Exmoor for the chaos of city life in Oxford; actually, Ripon College, Cuddesdon is in a small quiet village on the outskirts of the city so many people think it is rural, but it is a bit close to the M40 for our liking. ​ The first part of training takes three years if you are under thirty when selected, and during this time training has two strands; a formational process and an academic learning programme. ​ I am now at the end of this stage and am delighted to have been offered a title post to continue my training (it is never completed) with Father Geoff in the Winsmoor Benefice. ​ Whilst at college, we have completed our family with the arrival of Dominic who has just had his first birthday.
 +I shall, God willing be ordained on the 1st July in Wells Cathedral and along with the Dogs, the Cats, the Rabbits the Hamsters and four children, Steve and I shall descend upon the Benefice with much excitement and joy at the prospect of learning and living alongside you all.   With every blessing, Chloe x”
 +===== From the Church Registers: =====
 +|25 Jan 2012|"​Bob” Stone, 91 years|Cremation at Yeovil followed by Thanksgiving service at Barrington.|
 +|04 Feb 2012|Elizabeth Vassillissin|Ashes interred at Barrington|
 +|04 Feb 2012|Madeleine Grace Nasar|Holy Baptism at Dowlish Wake| 
 +==== Sunday 25th March – British Summer Time begins ====
 +Evensong at Kingstone begins again for the summer months.
 +=== Rota Notes: ===
 +1. From mid April there will be a small time change to services at Puckington and Shepton – please check next months rota carefully.\\ ​
 +2. Also from mid April there will be a change in the style of services offered at Shepton.
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