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 +===== Miracles do happen .. =====
 +Miracles do happen: when Jesus fed the five thousand, he saw only that his people were tired, hungry and a long way from home; he saw their need and wanted to do something about it.   The Disciples on the other hand, saw all these people, loads of them and saw only the difficulty of feeding them all; their attitude was “too difficult, let someone else sort it out”.
 +A small number of loaves and fishes appeared and Jesus transformed them into such a quantity that five thousand men, plus  women and children were fed and there were basket loads of food left over.   ​Clearly there was a miracle – but what was it.   If Jesus had transformed the loaves and fishes from a small to a vast number, then clearly this is miraculous. ​  But what if the miracle took another form....what if one man, impressed by Jesus' intention to do something to meet the needs of the crowd in spite of the Disciples attitude, took the remains of his “picnic lunch” from his rucksack and offered this to Jesus? ​  ​Selfish hoarding gives way to selfless giving – one a small scale. ​                                                                         ​
 +Perhaps then, another spectator, impressed by Our Lord's concern, inspired by the first man's giving, offered the remains of his lunch to Jesus – selflessly. ​  From there the inspiration and giving spread, infectious selflessness,​ so that many people , with very little, joined together to imitate the giving of the first man; so together the little became a lot, and all were fed.   ​Isn'​t this selflessness a miracle? ​ Isn't the way one person acted and became an inspiration to many, a miracle; what one person could not achieve alone, many, each giving a little, achieved a great good.
 +“Enfold us Lord in your miracle; enable us to be what you would have us be; empower us to do what you would have us do; through Jesus Christ our Lord.   ​Amen.”
 +=== First Sunday Services: ​  ​Sunday 3rd April – Mothering Sunday ===
 +|Barrington|10.30am|Mothering Sunday Service|Lucy Blows|
 +|Cudworth|11.15am|Communion |Rector| ​
 +|Dowlish Wake| 08.45am|Communion (1662)|Rector| ​              
 +|Kingstone|10.00am|Mothering Sunday Service|Rector|
 +|Shepton|**NO 10.00am**|SERVICE| |
 +|  | 11.15am| Sung Mass| |
 +| |5.00pm|Mothering Sunday Service|Joan Kennedy|
 +==== Emergencies - Two possible solutions ====
 +Dear Web Readers:​\\ ​
 +In response to the Rector'​s worries about finding the next of kin for emergencies for people living alone, the Lions Club support two projects which can help.  The first is '​Message in a Bottle'​. ​ This consists of a small plastic container which holds a form for personal details, doctor’s name and telephone number, a brief description of any medical conditions, allergies, family contact details and repeat prescription location details for current medication information. This container is put in the fridge. ​ Two labels, one on the inside of the front door and the other on the fridge door, alert the emergency services that this information is available. So if a vulnerable person is found and cannot provide any information themselves, the emergency services will know that the necessary details are in the bottle in the fridge. ​ These bottles are available free of charge from most doctor'​s surgeries and chemists in the area or by contacting me.
 +The second scheme is '​Medicalert'​ which consists of a bracelet engraved with details of any major medical conditions, a personal ID number and a 24 hour emergency telephone number which accepts reverse charge calls that allows emergency and medical professionals to access necessary details from anywhere in the world in over 100 languages. ​ So if someone collapses outside or in the home, emergency services can provide appropriate help much more quickly. ​ To find out more about this scheme look at or phone 0800 581420.
 +Please contact me with any queries on 01460 57501. ​ (**Philip Creed, Ilminster Lions Club)**
 +==== From the Church Registers ====
 +|9th February 2011| Ruby Cook (nee Allen)|Ashes interred with her family at Shepton Beauchamp.|
 +==== A Poem ====
 +This poem was sent in by David Treasure from Cudworth, it was written by his great, great, grandmother on her birthday in 1820:
 +<box 300px center|A Poem>
 +A few lines composed on my 86th Birthday.\\ ​
 +Dedicated to myself.
 +I cannot say that Providence\\ ​
 +On me has lavished wealth\\ ​
 +But I'm grateful to that ruling Power\\ ​
 +For giving me good health\\ ​
 +And eighty six Septembers\\  ​
 +With a Birthday on each twelfth.\\ ​
 +There are many rich as Croesus\\  ​
 +Who would share their wealth with me\\ 
 +Could I give them of my life some years\\ ​
 +Say, only two or three.
 +But Father-Time won't barter\\ ​
 +He gives to all their due\\ 
 +And judges best our nature\\ ​
 +What is right for me and you.
 +He claims us from the hour of Birth\\ ​
 +Giving longer lease to some\\ ​
 +When mine expires may I respond\\  ​
 +"Dear Lord Thy Will be done".
 +</​box> ​
 +==== Folk Songs - Cecil Sharp ====
 +Local author David Sutcliffe from Isle Abbotts has just published a biography of Revd Charles Marson (1859-1914),​ vicar of Hambridge. It’s called ‘The Keys of Heaven’ and has lots of local history in it. He was a social reformer, a journalist and an extraordinary clergyman. With Cecil Sharp he collected Somerset folk-songs from Barrington, Puckington, Stocklinch and Shepton Beauchamp. Four hundred of his letters have recently been found in Minehead and form the basis of the book. It’s a fascinating journey through the social history of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Reviews have called it ‘an excellent biography’ and ‘a great read’. Go to If you’d like to order a book at £11.99, David can even sign it and deliver it. Call 01460 281440. ​
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