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Welcoming our new Curate

On Sunday 1st July, our new Curate will be ordained Deacon at Wells Cathedral at 10.00am – this is a moving service where Chloe takes her first steps as a minister in the Church of England by making vows before God, that she will serve his people for the rest of her life….this is a lifelong commitment she will make – to serve you and me and anyone who is in need.

The cathedral service is open to everyone and I hope that some of you will be able to attend to show your support for Chloe as she takes her first step as a “trainee vicar!”.

For those unable to attend there will be a welcome service at Barrington in the evening, as part of the Evensong (1662 Prayerbook style).

How can we help? How can YOU help?

I regularly conduct – with the Church Wardens – an “Accessibility Audit” which is a PC phrase meaning we see if we can make it easier for people with any kind of disability, to get into our village churches and use them. Usually we find that we have already done as much as we can and that the ancient buildings simply do not lend themselves to easy access; many are built on a steep hill with lots of steps where there is too little space to put in a ramp, for example.

However, every now and again, often by accident, we discover a very simple solution. As a result of a conversation on a completely different subject, we are now looking at people with sight and hearing problems and how we can help them. For the profoundly deaf we have been offered advice and help from a company called “Innovative Minds at Work” who are looking helping us turn the spoken word (sermons and prayers for eg) into written text using inexpensive software and portable computers. For those with sight problems I have been advised that black print on a yellow background is very helpful.

If you have any thoughts on how we can improve things, please do let us know.

Steadfast God, perhaps one of the greatest mysteries is why you continue to entrust the work of your kingdom into our clumsy hands. But we are forever grateful that you do not want to change the world without us. May we become the church you dream of. Amen (written by the Bishop of Taunton)

From the Church Registers

23rd April Chris Powell, 69 yrsFuneral service and burial at Shepton Beauchamp
5th May Harvey James Fell Holy Baptism at Shepton Beauchamp
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