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 +====== In the Book of Genesis ​ ======
 +In the Book of Genesis we read how God created the world – along lines very similar to Darwin'​s theory of creation – and in its centre he created the Garden of Eden; in it he placed Man and Woman made in his own image. ​   Adam and Eve had charge over all Creation and every living thing lived in harmony; animals, plants, insects, human beings lived together, side by side, AND in the cool of the evening God walked in the garden, at one with his creation. ​   Imagine that, God physically walking with us and nature.
 +Sadly, Geneis tells us that this blissful story didn't last once the serpent had tempted Eve and she Adam and as a punishment, the balance of nature was upset; humanity cast out of Eden to toil or starve; animals to feed on each other; every creature interested only in its own survival.
 +Over the Jubilee weekend, there were a large number of activities in every village and it was very obvious that a lot of time, thought and energy had gone into the planning. ​  What was even more obvious as I went round was that each village was really working well as a community. ​  ​Tables and chairs – and umbrellas!; food, drink and flags; jokes, laugther and singing; all shared. ​ Old and infirm helped and encoraged; young children allowed freedom to roam under the watchful eye not just of their parents but of all who knew them; boys on the verge of adulthood who had overestimated their ability to hold alcohol, ​ looked after and helped home with good humour rather than the usual criticism that greets enthusiastic youth. ​  ​Everywhere,​ the Jubilee spirit was much in evidence in the form of communities pulling and acting together, in good humour and kindly awareness of each others needs, with a sharing, caring attitude; villagers living in harmony, side by side.
 +Scholars say that Eden was probably located in the area we now know as Iran/Iraq, but the wiser minds among us are clear that Eden is located near an area now known as Ilminster! ​  Our villages might not be quite the perfection of Eden that God created, but the Jubilee activites have reminded us how close that ideal is to us, that God walks with us spiritually if not yet physically and how lucky we are.
 +“For the beauty of the earth, for the beauty of the skies, ​
 +for the love which from our birth over and around us lies.
 +Lord of all to thee we raise this our sacrifice of praise.”
 +“For the joy of human love, brother, sister, parent, child, ​
 +friends on earth, and friends above, pleasures pure and undefiled: ​
 +Lord of all to thee we raise this our sacrifice of praise.” ​  Amen.
 +===== Frim the Church Registers =====
 +|28th May 12| Gilbert Jeffries, 82 years, Church Warden of Puckington;​ funeral and burial at the church.
 +3rd June 12 Neil Burkey and Samantha Battin, joined in Holy Matrimony at Shepton Beauchamp.
 +16th June 12 Stuart Burchett and Louise Peachey, joined in Holy Matrimony at Dowlish Wake.
 +20th June 12 Jill Griffin, 68 years; funeral and burial at Barrington.
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