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 +====== What better way to start the New Year  ======
 +What better way to start the new year than with some good news, and this time it's our children showing us how to behave!
 +In November Barrington and Ilton village school had an OFSTED Inspection and, despite the fact that OFSTED have become ever more exacting with their marking system the School raised it's mark over the inspection three years ago and achieved an overall “Good” assessment with several “Outstanding” marks. ​  
 +Very shortly after this the Church Inspection (SIAS) was conducted and the following comments were part of the report.....  ​     ​
 +  * “Christian values are an integral part of school life. This is well reflected in the family ethos and in the care and attention given to the welfare and progress of each pupil. As a result, pupils feel safe and happy in school and make good progress.”  ​
 +  * “...pupils relate easily across the age range. In a meeting during the inspection they showed good awareness of one another as they talked confidently about their school, and listened to others’ responses. They clearly value each others’ talents and strengths. They accept personal responsibility readily, and are sensitive to the rights of others.”
 +  * “... pupils enjoy learning and make good progress. Pupils’ interest and understanding in religious education (RE) is evident. Asked about what is a Christian their answers include: “Someone who’s had water over their head”, “Who devotes their life to God”. Asked about God they say: “Nobody sees Him”, “He’s up in heaven”, “People can feel Him in their hearts”. And they are clearly interested in the variety of world religions.”  ​
 +  * “Throughout the (RE) lesson observed there was a sense of timeless opportunity for reflection on something of real significance.”
 +  * “The school is well led and managed as a church school. Good progress has been made since the last inspection and the vision held by the headteacher and governors is now evident throughout the school.”
 +  * “The governors know their school well and are increasingly involved in monitoring its progress”
 +  * “The very good links between the school and the local churches play a fundamental part in this. The vicar is a regular and very welcome visitor at both school bases.” ​        
 +==== From the Church Registers: ====
 +|20 November 2010|Brian Evans & Dawn Holland| Joined in holy matrimony|Kingstone|
 +|22 November 2010|Michelle Fellows|Ashes interred at Kingstone|
 +|08 December 2010|John Perkins|Funeral at Puckington followed by cremation at Taunton|
 +====  The Church Army – who are we?    (part 2) ====
 +Transforming lives in challenging situations is long term work and requires a special commitment and focus. Here are some of the areas we are working in across the UK and Ireland:
 +• Helping women involved in prostitution
 +• Nightclub chaplaincy ​          • Homelessness
 +• Housing estates • Self harm prevention
 +• Children, younger & older people
 +• Supermarket chaplaincy • Prisons ministry
 +• Schools • Adventure centres
 +* Bus projects • Café style churches
 +• Summer outreach • Parish ministry
 +• Gang ministry • Drug & alcohol prevention
 +• Church Planting • Family breakdown prevention
 +• GP Practice Chaplaincy • Research in Evangelism
 +Prayer is vital to the success of our work and so we ask you and your church to consider praying for us. We can send you a Prayer Diary booklet or you can sign-up for an online ePrayer weekly email. ​
 +Without donations ​ our work could not continue. Will you consider financially supporting our work?
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