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Fr. Geoff Writes

On 5th March we celebrate Ash Wednesday, the start of the season of Lent, a time when we are encouraged to think about our relationship with God and how we might strengthen and foster it, remembering that a big part of our connection with God is determined by how we associate with those around us. To illustrate this have a look at St Mark’s Gospel, chapter 6, verses 34-44.

Jesus is way out in the countryside’ “in a lonely place”; he has his disciples with him; 5000 men, plus women and children, have been with him all day; they are all hungry and tired and, “it is getting very late”……what would YOU do?

The disciples say, “send them away….to the farms and villages round about…to buy themselves something to eat”. Is this what you would have done? Jesus says, “give them something to eat yourselves.”

The disciples took the easy way out - its not my problem - let them look after themselves. Jesus response was NO - it is YOUR problem - YOU do something. So they did and not only were they all fed, but there was lots left.

We are people with gifts, ability and energy (in varying shapes, sizes and capacities, admittedly!) and all too often we just sit back waiting for someone else to take the lead - waiting for God to provide the miracle - whilst God is waiting for us to work the miracle - “you give them something to eat”. Yet is we get off our bottoms and take the first step - the initial action - we will find that God joins in; we DO our best and God does the rest…..but we need to do our bit, as best as we are able.

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