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December 2008

THANK YOU – from the Vicar

As the year draws to a close, I would like to thank all those people who help me run the Church Services in the Eight Parishes. We have a wonderful network of people who quietly get on with the work of opening and closing churches, turning the heating on early, putting out books (and tidying up afterwards!), musicians, cleaners, flower arrangers, etc, etc.

There are so many of you that I am not going to mention names, because I’m bound to miss someone out! However I would like you to know that your work is noticed and it is greatly appreciated. Without you many of our little churches would have to close, so you do us all a great service – and service is the Gospel message. THANK YOU.

We also have some very modest but talented people who lead those services that I can’t do. This year we have seen Claire Duncan & Michael Hawkins, Nigel Lusby, John Simpson, Roy & Daphne Wyatt keeping the rota turning. Of particular note are Joan Kennedy, Father David Jones and Rev Nigel Whinney, Catherine Cavender and Deryk Outram, who month after month, take regular services in many of our churches. Thank you for your service and faithfulness.

A merry Christmas & a happy and prosperous New Year to you all. Fr. Geoff

01984 624564 or or the national website

Remembrance Day

A very big thank you to everyone who turned out for the Remembrance Sunday services and a particular thanks to all those who gave a donation to SSAFA Forces Help.
For more information – to volunteer – to make donations – SSAFA Somerset: 01984 624564 or or the national website

Reading the Bible Daily (Rev'd Geoff Wade)

For anyone who is interested in spending a few minutes each day reading from the Bible, I have been given a couple of booklets published by the “Bible Reading Fellowship” which might interest you. They contain – for each day - a passage from Scripture, a reflection on it and a prayer …. this is everything you need in one pocket size pamphlet, so it’s really easy and straightforward (which is why I like it!). Each booklet covers a four month period and the cost for a year is only £13.35.

If anyone is interested in trying this, I have a small number of free back-copies which I could lend out, to see how it works and suits. After that I have a volunteer who would co-ordinate ordering new editions and if it was wanted, it might even be possible to set up times to meet and talk. Interested in trying this out – just let me know.

From the Church Register

November 15th Benjamin England - Holy Baptism

From Neighbourhood Watch

Incidences reported by Neighbourhood Watch include thefts of handbags and parcels from cars – particularly targeting Mum’s picking up children from school and thefts from work vehicles.

Recent weeks have seen an increase in distraction burgalaries: it is important to remember that it is unadvisable to let any unknown cold caller into your homes …ask to see an identity card, check it carefully, and don’t be afraid to contact the company..

There are also some “rogue” contractors offering tree cutting, pruning and other garden services who suggest vague contracts on the door step. Always ask for references, and a proper quote with contact details etc.
Police ‘phone number: 0845 456 7000 for non urgent calls; 999 if there is an emergency.

THEFTS FROM CHURCHES - A VERY REAL THREAT If you see anyone “working” on the building they are probably stealing … call the Police on 999. Please be extra vigilant around our little churches.

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