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 +====== Snowflakes softly falling ======
 +Snowflakes softly falling, on your window when they play,​\\ ​
 +your blankets slung around you, into sleep you drift away.\\ ​  
 +I bend to gently kiss you, when I see you on the floor,​\\  ​
 +there'​s a letter dearly written -  I wonder who it's for.\\  ​
 +I quietly unfold it, making sure you're still asleep,​\\  ​
 +it's a Christmas list for Santa, one my heart will always keep.\\ ​
 +It started just as always, with the toys seen on TV,​\\  ​
 +a new watch for your father, and a winter coat for me.\\  ​
 +But as my eyes read on, I could see that deep inside,​\\  ​
 +there were many things you wished for, that your loving heart would hide.\\ ​
 +You asked if your friend Molly could have another Dad;​\\  ​
 +it seems her father hits her and it makes you very sad.\\ ​
 +Then you asked dear Santa if the neighbour down the street\\ ​  
 +could find a job that he might have some food, and clothes, and heat.\\ ​
 +You saw a family on the news whose house had blown away;​\\  ​
 +"Dear Santa send them one thing, a place where they can stay"​\\  ​
 +"And Santa, those four biscuits that I left you for a treat,​\\  ​
 +could you take them to the children who have nothing else to eat?"​\\  ​
 +"Do you know that little bear I have, the one I love so dear?​\\  ​
 +I'm leaving it for you to take to Africa this year."​\\  ​
 +"And as you fly your reindeer on this night of Jesus' birth,​\\  ​
 +Could your magic bring to everyone goodwill and peace on earth"​.\\ ​
 +"​There'​s one last thing before you go, so grateful I would be,​\\  ​
 +if you'd smile at Baby Jesus in the manger by our tree"​\\  ​
 +I pulled the letter close to me, I felt it melt my heart;​\\ ​
 +those tiny hands had written, what no other could impart\\ ​
 +"And a little child shall lead them" was whispered in my ear,​\\  ​
 +as I watched you sleep on Christmas Eve, while Santa Claus was there.\\ ​
 +**Merry Christmas**.
 +**Emmanuel – God with us**
 +===== From the Church Registers =====
 +|12th November|William and Jack Rees| Holy Baptism at Shepton Beauchamp|
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