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Lambeth Conference

by Fr Geoff

I’m really glad I’m not the Archbishop of Canterbury! As I write this article (on 8th July), the conference of the world wide Anglican Communion has just got under way amid a lot of publicity on the TV and in the newspapers. As a country parson I appreciate that all the issues facing the conference have to be met and dealt with, but I have been dismayed by the attitude of many factions of our church.

Jesus calls us to be tolerant, loving, compassionate and forgiving; after his example. He never turned people away because they were different; even his worst enemies were treated with compassion as he urged them to re-think their ideas; no one was thrown out of his circle for having different ideas from his (why even Judas remained a disciple!).

When I hear groups of Anglicans talk about forming break-away churches or leaving the C of E unless we all adhere to their points of view, I believe that they go against the life, example and teaching of Our Lord.

I feel that we should all stay in the one fold and try and get along with each other. I would like others to stop trying to make us conform to their own (selfish) view point under threat of schism. I hope that – as Christians – we could all get one with one another, accept our differences and draw strength form our individuality.

New Rectory

I am very pleased to announce that the Rectory for our Eight Parishes has moved at last!

After more than three years of searching a modern bungalow has been purchased by the Diocese of Bath and Wells, and my family moved in on 19th June. Lovely though the old place was to look at, it was far too big and very expensive to maintain, run and heat ….. the new place is none of these!

As a family we had a good move and we are really very happy in the new place (even the cat is happier!!); thanks to everyone for their cards and best wishes.

At the moment, my office/study is still located in the old place, but that will soon be moved to the new site as one of the garages is converted.

New Address:
The Rectory (formerly “Cornash”)
Lambrook Road
Shepton Beauchamp
TA19 0LP
‘phone and E’mail remain unchanged.

The old place: The paperwork is going through with a view to changing the house name back to “Rose Cottage”, which was it’s original name when Miss Coles lived and where Canon Coles spent his last days.

Thefts from Churches

Thieves have now struck at Ilminster and Tatworth, stealing metal of any kind. THIS IS A VERY REAL THREAT, please keep an eye on our little churches if you see anyone “working” on the building they are probably stealing … call the Police 999)

There is no work being done on any of our churches in August. Please be extra vigilant around our churches.


At Baptism, our parents and god-parents made promises – on our behalf - about bringing us up with some knowledge of the Christian Faith. From the age of about 11years old, individuals can decide to make those promises for themselves; this is called Confirmation.

This decision is about accepting the love of Christ in our lives, and taking upon ourselves the journey of life that Jesus invites us on, to explore, discover and grow in his love for us and for our world. Once Confirmed, individuals may receive Communion for the rest of their lives.

Anyone interested in being Confirmed on 28th September, (and in taking part in the four, forty minute study groups leading up to it) please contact the vicar.

Evensong for the Deanery

Members of the Deanery are especially invited to the Evensongs listed below. These are in place of the usual Deanery Evensong Service held in the summer. The recent one held at Dowlish Wake was very well attended, a lovely service and finished off with light refreshments

Sunday 24th August – St. Nicholas Corfe – 6.30pm

From the Church Register

16th June: Helen Kelly of Stocklinch, funeral service at the Minster
21st June: Percy Nicholls, ashes interred with his wife at Shepton Beauchamp

A Message from Karen Brooker

Headteacher of Barrington, Ilton and Shepton Beauchamp Schools I cannot believe that I have nearly completed a whole academic year in Somerset. It only seems a few months ago that I visited St. Mary and St. Peters and Shepton Beauchamp Church of England Schools for the first time.

Our villages are very privileged to have such wonderful schools on their doorstep. All the staff are dedicated to caring, nurturing and teaching our children and this year have achieved excellent results.

The majority of our children have exceeded expected results for their age. This, however, is only part of the picture and we have been working on a new curriculum that involves the children in creating ideas for their learning. Involving children in planning, means that they are really motivated and excited about their learning.

I am very proud of our schools and would like to thank the community for all the support during this year. Karen Brooker

"Celebrating Our School" - Video

The short 7 minute video below shows some of activities and the events which have taken place at our school and also in church this year. It was prepared in response to a request from Channel Five TV for video 'Celebrating Schools' and in Shepton we consider our school is well worth celebrating. (Ian Hawkins)

Celebrating Our School in 2008

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