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Thought Provoking

The Vicar writes: I am grateful to Rev Peter Knott for this very thought provoking homily.

FOR many people, there are times in life when we feel we’re on a treadmill. Nothing dramatic has happened; we haven’t lost our job, we haven’t had a row with colleagues at work, or with friends or family. But each day seems to be just dull routine, and our day to day tasks have become a bit of a chore. Life has lost its sparkle.

We turn in on ourself, discontented, ill at ease - sometimes even resentful at the apparently happy and contented lives other people seem to lead, forgetting that ‘no one knows where the other person’s shoe pinches.’ We force ourself to plod on, but with no sense of fulfilment or any great meaning to the daily round of things we’re doing.

We fear that we are missing out on life somehow. Jesus said: ‘Be not afraid.’ He uses this phrase often, in different contexts. This is one of them where He wants us to we realise we’ve been living on the surface, simply responding to daily demands - all of which have to be dealt with of course, but they can so easily obscure the truth of our life. We feel like a wavering reed, at the whim of the wind which blows us this way and that.

There’s nothing wrong with leading a busy and active life. But when that ‘activism’ takes over completely and leaves us no time simply to be ourselves, then we can become disengaged from our real selves, and from God; we have forgotten the admonition of the Psalmist: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Our world places great emphasis on how well we perform and believes that only what is measurable is of value, and we easily lose any sense that we are more than we can see, observe and verify, and diminishes us as human beings. If we are to understand who we really are, we need to rediscover our hearts, not in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense that we find in the scriptures.

Beyond all we can see, there is a deeper place, a deeper life which is part of our nature. In silent reflection we can rediscover the wonder we can have in enjoying the simple pleasures of life - like a colourful sunset, a brilliant sunrise, an inspiring poem or a great painting. In meditating on such beauty, we can begin to discover our own God-given value which God wants us to love and enjoy as he does.

The Lord’s Prayer reminds us: ‘Thy will be done.’ Not in a resigned sense that we just have to accept the situation, but in the positive sense of seeing what can be done in every situation. There’s always something we can do even where we can see no prospect of immediate change, making a bad situation a little less bad through some act of kindness and concern for others.

When we live in this way we find ourselves less inclined to despondent moods and we are in fact finding God - through loving our neighbour as our self, trying to love others as God loves us.

From the Church Registers:

15th July“Gillie” Gilbert BestFuneral and burial at Shepton Beauchamp.
21st JulyEric BestFuneral and burial at Shepton Beauchamp.
24th JulyGwen MillerAshes interred at Dowlish Wake.

David and Sue Tucker invite you to

First Sunday Worship – 10.30am – Sunday 2nd Aug 2009 Stocklinch Village Hall

Deanery Evensongs

Once again village churches in our deanery have very kindly invited us to join them for Evensong. Many of you were able to go to similar services last year – they were lovely summer evenings; the settings were breathtaking, and the opportunity to share in this age-old service was very special. The last service of the season is:

Sept 13th at 6.30pm: St. Martin, Kingsbury Episcopi.

Cudworth Church Summer Market

Wednesday 12th August10.30am – 1.00pmCudworth Church – Summer Market

Dowlish Wake Songs of Praise

Sunday 16th August5.00pmTeddy Bears’ Songs of Praise at Dowlish Wake

5th Sunday Services 30th August

10.30amOttersey StocklinchCommunion
6.00pmPuckingtonSummer Songs of Praise
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