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 +====== Buildings and People ======
 +I met a stonemason who was looking at the outside of a cottage in one of the villages and asked him what he was looking at.  He replied that he was looking at the different types of material that had been used to build the house. ​  There were very large, regular sized and well cut hamstone blocks; off to one side there were rougher odd shaped pieces; round one window there was brick as was the chimney from ground level to the top; in another place there were well cut but different shaped hamstones. ​ When examined closely it was a bit of a “pot-mess” but nonetheless,​ take a step back and it was a fine village cottage and had clearly withstood the test of time.
 +Our churches are like that – buildings and people. ​  If you look closely at the building materials you will see a wide variety, depending on the money, skill and hamstone availability at the time required...some of our churches are made up of masonry – very fine masonry – taken from other grander buildings and altered (often clumsily) to “enhance” our churches – is that recycling?
 +Look at the people and you'll see the same thing, though I don't think anyone is recycled! ​  The people who make up the churches are a mix of all sorts, they aren't all out of the same mould or cut from the same quarry with precision and time.  Some of us are a bit rough and ready (and please note I said US!), roughly carved and and different in shape and size.   ​Others are fine, elegant and regular whilst there are those who are worn and beaten down by the passage of time.   We are all different and separately we might not amount to much, yet together we form a fine structure which is robust and strong and pleasing; just like the little cottage.
 +“Bind us together, Lord, bind us together, with cords that cannot be broken...
 +...We are the family of God, we are the promise divine, we are God's chosen desire, we are the glorious new wine...”
 +==== Fifth Sunday 29th April – Blessing the crops ====
 +This is a very ancient service which we will re-act for the first time in many years; we will begin by meeting at Chillington Church at 10.00am (bring stout shoes!) and finish there with refreshments.
 +==== From the Registers ====
 +|29 February|Dennis Lock of Shepton Beauchamp 73 years|Funeral service at Yeovil Crematorium.|
 +|5 March|Iris Wheeler 91 yrs|Cremation at Taunton followed by Thanksgiving Service at Kingstone.|
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