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Michael's Message May 2008

Michael’s Message An occasional letter from the Vicar, letting you know what’s happening in our village church.

Amidst all the regular Sunday services there is a whole raft of other activities that St Michael’s engages in: here are a few examples.

Weekday services are held on Tuesdays at 9.30am and Fridays at 8.15am. These are short Communion services lasting 30 minutes; they are simple and uncomplicated forms of worship designed put people in the right frame of mind at the start of the day. Tuesday is usually light-hearted but respectful; Friday is quiet and contemplative.

Buttle Close: we are very lucky on Shepton to have the facilities offered in Buttle Close. Vicky is a wonderful Warden and the people who live in the Close are an example of caring community spirit. Once a month, Joan Kennedy leads an act of worship, prayer and song (especially song! Anne plays the keyboard) mainly for the residents, but lots of others from the village also attend. Next services in Buttle Close Common Room: 1st May& 5th June at 11.30

Schools and Playgroups: a great school and playgroup; what more could we want for our children? On Friday mornings at 9.15am, the top class from school go to church for Assembly, where we explore what Christianity has meant through the ages and what it means, in Shepton, in the 21st Century. Parents are welcome to attend. At the same time Joan leads a similar exploration for the younger children in the school itself. On Wednesdays I visit the Playgroup and read a story which is usually about how we inter-act with other people – but sometimes its just a good, fun story!!!

Special Service: 11th May Whit Sunday – Celtic Prayers 5.00 A service of quiet prayers and music in the Celtic tradition.

Special Service: 22nd May – Corpus Christi 7.00pm Corpus Christi is translated as “the Body of Christ”, his sacrifice for us commemorated in the Last Supper, shared with his closest friends. This became the Communion service where we celebrate his sacrifice for us and his continued presence among us.

4th May 10.00am Family Service with Joan Kennedy. Thirty minutes of worship, music and stories, designed for those young of heart or of years (or both!) All ages catered for in this relaxed and gentle service.

4th, 11th & 25th May 11.15am Sung Mass (Vicar 4th & 25th: Nigel Whinney 11th) This style of this service harks back to mediaeval times but died out during during the Civil War when the Puritans implemented a very austere form of worship and living. It was brought back to our village by Father Stuckey Coles in the middle of the nineteenth century when the Oxford Movement revived this style of worship to reflect the hope and glory of Heaven in our praise and worship of God. A reverent and respectful service, but with a hint of humour and a focus on the practical realities of life as reflected in Our Lord’s word and mission.

20th May 10.00 Family Eucharist with the Vicar, Jesus shared the Last Supper with his friends and the Family Eucharist is the means by we offer his sacrament to our village. Different in style from the Sung Mass, this is the service for all who are confident in their faith, exploring or questioning. Jesus invites you to his supper: come & find out what it means to you. A good service for children and young adults.

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